Actual News

Large enquiry among patients

In June 2013, more than 16.000 apnea patients have got our invitation to participate in an enquiry to answer a number of questions by internet about their experiences with their general practitioner, sleep clinic, medical device supplier, (c)pap, mra or surgery. In this way the ApneuVereniging and the Stichting ApneuResearch bundle the experiences and the appreciation of patients. The results will be used for information of fellow patients about the best treatment. Sleep clinics with a better-than-average performance will be honoured with one or more stars. The results will be announced in November 2013.

In the pipeline

  • P.H. van Mechelen of the Stichting ApneuResearch is involved in a number of local and regional projects concerning screening and testing for sleep apnea in the primary care. Among these the method of a Philips questionnaire combined with flow-measurement.
  • Also an application is filed at the Fonds NutsOhra to investigate screening and testing for apnea with Radar.